The Story of Tybee Island Georgia! Officially renamed "Savannah Beach" in a publicity move at the end of the 1950s, the city of Tybee Island has since reverted to its original name. The small island, which has long been a quiet getaway for the residents of Savannah, has become a popular vacation spot with tourists from outside the Savannah metropolitan area. Tybee Island was originally inhabited by the Euchee Native American tribe and gave the its name:
tybee is a Euchee word for salt. Later, in the 1500s the Spanish laid claim to the island and named it Los Bajos. During that time the island was frequented by pirates who used the island to hide from those who pursued them. Pirates later used the island’s inland waterways for a fresh water source. The siege of Fort Pulaski, one of the most spectacular and telling artillery assaults of the Civil War was launched from these shores.
The Tybee Island lighthouse was built in the year 1736. The lighthouse was of brick and wood, standing 90 feet tall; it was the highest structure in America at that time. Five years later the lighthouse was destroyed by a storm. In 1742 a second lighthouse was finished; this version reached 94 feet into the air. In 1773 a third lighthouse was constructed which was also destroyed, this time in 1862 by Confederate troops from nearby Fort Pulaski.
Tybee has three miles of beautiful beaches , perfect for a summer vacation. The sand dunes that make a perfect backdrop to a day of fun on Tybee Island.

- Only 15 minutes to Historic Downtown Savannah! -

Tybee offers may activities for the nature lover. From kayaking to bird watching, bike riding to boat cruises through our scenic waterways, Tybee has something for everyone.
Those adventurous enough to climb the height of the lighthouse will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic and what remains of the Fort Screven military installation, including the historic Victorian mansions of Officers Row.

The Island's South End pier provides a wonderful place to walk along the beach and explore the many picturesque boutiques and shops in the area and also hosts many live music and special events throughout the year.

Hey, and if you're just looking for shells and sharks‚ teeth and critters you might see on the beach, stop in at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center and find out about the fascinating natural history of Tybee. They'll even tell you the best place for encountering dolphins, and if you're lucky maybe even a sea turtle or two!